4th of April – a day of goodness

There is no other creature that inspires me more to talk about kindness, generosity, forgiveness, innocence, compassion, strength, love than dogs. My experience with stray dogs taught me that life, as hard and cruel as it is, is worth living; to forgive is the only way one can continue living and love is why we are living in the first place. These 3 precious lessons made me who I am today, a completely different person, willing to go the distance for what she believes in.
Today I celebrate the goodness that this world still has thanks to these gentle friends. They never judge and they don’t hold grudges, they take each person as they come; good or bad, dogs are willing to risk their lives for their best friends. A stray dog will lick your hand and put his head at your feet, despite the fact he was kicked all his life; a stray dog will always give people a second chance, even if people won’t show him the same courtesy.  
There is still hope for us, as long as they still love us.
Let us learn to be kind, let us remember how to be human again! Support spay/neuter programs throughout Romania, the supreme act of kindness towards stray animals! To show you the hope that these campaigns bring in our country, I went through all my albums showing free spay/neuter campaigns funded by Romania Animal Rescue in places like Moreni, Buhusi, Bistrita, Braila, Targoviste. Whenever I lose my way, these albums tell me there is still hope; and yes, hope comes from numbers, the number of unwanted puppies and kittens that will never ever have to experience pain, hunger, cold, violence, abuse, neglect, disease, death on the streets of Romania.

Return the kindness that they give us, spay/neuter one animal in Romania and save 100!

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